Every company has a duty to the safety and security, at all times, of all who work within, or visit the property. Frequently these safety and security needs can seem tedious and also inconvenient. However the necessity for them can not be ignored! A safety door – πόρτα ασφαλείας – is one of the most important!

Your organisation and also more notably, individual’s welfare and lives, might depend on these in case of a fire episode in your buildings. Fire doors are an essential aspect of this security procedure. Below are details required for fire immune doors:

What do fire doors do?

Fire doors – πυρίμαχες πόρτες – perform two crucial features. In case of a fire break out, the fire resistant doors, when closed, will certainly form a barrier to avoid the spread of fire and the deadly smoke When they are opened up, these safety fire doors present the means of escape for any type of occupants within the structure.

Any kind of circumstance that avoids either, or both, of those fire door functions, can have severe and also unfortunate consequences– any fire door that is obstructed, as an example, as well as a result can closed or shut correctly, makes the building proprietor personally responsible for any type of repercussions. This can bring about prosecution ending in unlimited fines or, in extreme situations, jail time!

The very same penalties obtain not having fire immune doors in any way in a location that needs them.

Where are fire resistant doors required?

There are various specs of fire doors and the right door placement will dictate which would certainly be the preferred safety fire door to install. One of the most frequently mounted fire doors are FD30 or FD60. The number being the variety of mins fire prevention each door will give.

In some circumstances, there will certainly be a need for extra significant fire protection, in order to secure the property itself, yet the main function of any type of fire door is the preservation of life and also the safety and security of any type of building owners. In these conditions, you must speak with an authorized fire door supplier or vendor and consider the bespoke fire doors choices they offer.

The wide standards where fire doors are called for are:

Domestic residences

Any kind of house that is greater than two storeys high have to have fire doors in between any stairwell and also every habitable area (excluding bathrooms). Any domestic dwelling that has an important garage must have a fire door separating your house from the garage and any house with a loft conversion must likewise consist of a fire door separating the locations.

Mixed-use buildings

Any type of building containing both household and also industrial locations should have suitable fire doors dividing the various functions.

Non-domestic building

These lug a myriad of different obligatory fire security door needs as well as you should comply with all guidelines laid out in the RRO formerly described. To guarantee you are fully compliant with these lawful needs, you need to accomplish a complete fire risk analysis of your properties, or call an appropriate and also approved body to do so in your place.

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